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Engineering / Heavy Equipment

Procuring the right Equipment be it industrial, construction or mechanical for your particular industry can save you time and make your project much easier. Greyspot Engineering will help you procure industrial equipment such as Tools and fabrication equipment, presses, boilers, industrial ovens. We also have access to suppliers of Facility equipment industrial heaters, furnaces, vacuum cleaners, carts, and forklifts.

We can also source Heavy Construction Equipment like Excavators, Cranes, Trenchers, Loaders Tower Cranes, Pavers, Compactors and many more

Greyspot deal with vendors and manufactures that supplies and produce quality and durable machinery. Come to us and rest while we put your whole procurement worries to rest.

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Medical (Healthcare) equipment

Grey spot engineering has a wide range of vendors and suppliers of medical equipment and we are always ready to help find the best medical equipment for your facility.

We will help you get value for money on pharmaceutica products and Medical Equipment like Diagnostic Equipment (Medical imaging machines X-ray machine CT scan MRI scan ultrasound),Durable Medical Equipment (Manual wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs), Treatment Equipment, Life Support Equipment Heart-lung Machines Dialysis Machine Medical Ventilators.

with our attention to detail and referral to your specification, we will ensure that your equipment is delivered intact and on time..

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Telecommunication equipment

Here at Greyspot engineering we are Technology lovers. We have embracing the latest technology, products and services, and making them available to our clients.

Whether you are starting a new company or looking to upgrade your old telecom equipment, we have array of telecoms vendors and suppliers that can provide you with the latest in cutting edge telecom equipment like Customer premises equipment (CPE) (Private switches, Local area networks (LANs), Modems, Answering machines and Wireless devices) this is just a is a partial list.

We also help in the procurement of Transmission equipment like Transmission lines ( Optical fibre, Local loops etc. ), Base transceiver stations etc. We have access to vendors and manufactures who are into supply and production of High-quality personal protective equipment, Hi-Vis and safety gear for telecom and industry professionals.

with our attention to detail and referral to your specification, we will ensure that your equipment is delivered intact and on time..

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